"Is your child suffering from various types of developmental delays?

These problems may manifest in the child's physical development, or in motor difficulties, i.e difficulties in movement.
For instance a baby could find it difficult to change positions or to grasp and hold objects.

These problems may also appear as delayed or slow physical growth, for example, the child may be too small for his/her age group. They may start walking rather late than normal, or they may move around slowly and warily.

Development problems can appear also in deeper ways.
For example the child may be faced with a delay in his/her mental development due to Autism and Asperger's. They may find it difficult to express themselves in general, and to develop communication skills with their environment.
Their eye contact may be weak. And they may not speak at all, even at an age when its expected from their age group.
At the same time there may be slow comprehension of reality, difficulty in understanding instructions, and on top of it all, various behavioural disorders.

Autism and developmental delay are not a decree -
and you can get out of it!

Give your child a chance for a normal life.

Here is a testimony of parents of a child with PDD (Hebrew with English subtitles):

You are probably a bit skeptical, or you are about to give up.
These parents were also skeptical and did not believe in homeopathy, before starting the treatment of their autistic son. But despite their doubts, they decided to give their child a chance to get better!

Here you will get a response to a broad range of issues, that you may face with,
as parents of children with developmental delay.

Homeopathic treatments integrate very well with other treatments that you may be giving to your child.

Throughout many years in which I treated children with developmental problems, I met with a wide variety of cases, sometimes even with ones with extremely low chanches. However with the help of homeopathy, a real progress was achieved in all areas of the child's life.

Homeopathy is a well established therapy, which is successfully used for many years  and it has the ability to respond to every person, of all age groups.
Homeopathy does wonders especially in the field of autism.  An early treatment - would benefit a great deal to your child's progress.

As the parents, you want and pray for a healthy child, and you won't settle for any less.
The Homeopathic  treatment is relatively simple, and is quite easy to perform. All it takes is one drop - once a day - in the mouth, or on the skin. Without the need for changes in the diet, and without weekly travels for more treatments.
Follow-up appointments are normally once every 6 weeks! And can be done over the phone.

I'd be happy to talk and discuss with you about various treatment options for your child.

My clinics in Israel are in Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Appointments with patients abroad are be conducted by phone or via Skype.
(I speak Hebrew, English and French)

David Grushko - 972-(0)52 - 3780939

email :info@autist.co.il

Skype : david.grushko2

Parents testimonies:

PDD a boy age 6. Half a year under treatment.

We wanted to thank David for our boy's positive progress.
In the past, our son used to have quite a limited vocabulary, to express himself.
He used to run away, and could not stand any limit imposed on him.
He used to literally destroy the house (painting on the walls, smearing things all over the place, throwing eggs and food products on the floor. And also damage furnitures and electrical appliances.

Today, after approx. half a year of homeopathic treatment, he is far more advanced in his communication skills, and speech.
He expresses himself in a wider range of styles, and creates a closer bodily contact.
Every week he surprises us with new expressions, with new words.

And he is also much more relaxed, and the destructive tendency stopped almost completely.

PDD - with dysfunctional problems. A girl age three and a half.
Three months under treatment:

The parents are saying that she is much happier now.
Before the treatment she used to cry quite a lot and this has stopped.
She started to dress up on her own - for example to put on her hat by herself, in winter.
She also asks permission to button up her jumper without help, and takes off her nappy by herself. Her attitude towards her clothing items is entirely new development
She has a twin brother whom she didn't use to relate to very much up until now. recently there is much more eye contact with him, and an ongoing response to him. Also she is much more focused.
Yesterday she uttered her first word in the nursery.
What surprised us the most was the fact that in the last month and a half the girl is so healthy, even though the other children in her nursery are getting sick all the time for some reason.
The father is adding another comment here: "This treatment is working! One can see a real change in the past month".

PDD - A girl age four. Five months under treatment:

She is a child with serious sleeping disorders, and even Melatonin couldn't help her.
The mother was on a verge of collapse when she came to me.
Above and beyond the sleeping problems, she had serious behavioural difficulties:  Frequent tantrums, and she often banged her head on the wall. The little girl was a furnitures destroyer, and is still with nappies. Before the treatment she didn't speak at all.
Right after the beginning of the homeopathic treatment, the girl started to sleep all nights, with a very short break in the middle of the the night, and then she goes right back to sleep.
She is far more alert and tends to stand her ground, and all of her nonsense that she used to do, disappeared almost entirely.
Also, since the treatment began the girl is simply healthy and did not need to see a doctor.
She removes her nappy by herself, and goes to the toilet on her own.
She comprehends far more than before, and is much more obedient.
She speaks more, and frequently mumbles but it is clearer and seems to be more meaningful. Also she started to play with her sister.

Autism treatment by Homeopathy David Grushko 
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